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Why Choose Caninter.

Caninter Inc ISP offers No Contract and Low Cost Cable and Voice Over Phone Internet Services All Across Canada. Call Us at (416) 628-3777 To Sign Up And Start Saving Money

One of the most important reasons that our costumers have been with us for over 10 years is that we have No Contracts or have hidden fees. We value our customers by providing reliable services with the most competitive prices as well as 24 hours customer support. Unlike our competitors we guarantee the lowest prices for Unlimited Internet packages!

Save Money Modem Deposit Rather Than Rental Charges Or Buying your own Modem. Unlike other service providers we only charge a One Time Deposit Fee of $50. This deposit fee guarantees a new replacement incase your Modem breaks or stops working  – yes that correct. We will replace the Modem free of charge. The Deposit of $50 will be returned back to you if you choose to cancel your services with us.

Set Up Fee Another reason for you to save money. Unlike other providers we at Caninter Only Charge $45 one time Set up fee.

No Shipping Charges We deliver the Modem to your home, set it up and connect your wireless Router – all free of charge. You don’t have to spend countless hours configuring or reading through the manual to figure out how to create your secure internet connection – we will do it for you.

300 GB of Data Monthly – More than you can handle Most Internet providers will charge you extra money for going over your Data Limit. We at Caninter offer you 300 GB of monthly data so you don’t have to keep track on your data usage.

Support – When you need it We at Caninter take pride in providing excellent Customer Support Service. You don’t have to wait on-line listing to music and waiting for hours to talk to us. We help you with any issues that you may have. It can be with your Router Set up or even with your Computer.

Call us at (416) 628 – 3777 or our toll fee number 1-866-375-9016 and we will be happy to help you

We also provide services in Polish Language

Caninter Inc – No Contract – Unlimited Cable, Internet Services and Voice Over Phone All Across Canada. Call Us at (416) 628-3777 To Sign Up And Save Money

To Order or Inquire About Our Services Call Us At (416) 628-3722
We Accept Visa and MasterCard and Online Payments from your financial Institutions
We also provide services in Polish Language

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