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Web Design and Hosting

Web Design Services Caninter’s Web Design services range from website maintenance and enhancements to large database driven websites. Moreover, our professional web designing services will transform your business and porfolio effectivly utilizing all our skills, creativity and industry leading technologies. We create web site that is tailored to your needs, marketing approach and design preferences that uniquely identifies your business.

Content Management Services You are managing your business – that itself takes a lot of time and effrot on your part. Let the experts at Caninter take the responsibility of managing and updating your website for you. Not only we will take care of manainging and maintaning our web site but also provide internet marketing for you. Just call us or email the content you wish to update and we will make sure that your content is published in a matter of few mintues.

Web Marketing At Caninter, we understand the competition of your business in the internet market and we have all the necessary tools to market your business on the internet. We provide detail analysis reports on number of users visited your site, to the detail on what products or services users are most interested in. This report will help you analyse and cater your services to what your cients is looking for. Our marketing services will provide you with tools to better manage your business.

Branding and Coporate Identity We are glad to provide our clients a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. Our graphic designers will help you to create branding for your business cards, brochures and even take professinal pictures to publish it on your website or brochures. Our low cost packages are very flexible. Call us and give us your requirements and will create a package which suites your needs.

Website Hosting Hosting is available at reasonable and competitive rates. Features include multiple email accounts, FTP access, detailed webstats, support for FrontPage Extensions, PHP, CGI, Perl, MySQL databases and much more.

Domain Registrations Looking for a domain name for your business? There are many options to effectively market your business. Contact Daniel’s to register an effective domain name for your business needs today!

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