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    250 Mps DownloadNow That’s What We Are Talking…High Speed Data for Upload and download


$39.95 per month

  • 5Mbps Download
  • 1Mbps Upload
  • 400 GB Usage
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Lite +

$49.95 per month

  • 15Mbps Download
  • 1Mbps Upload
  • 400 GB Usage
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$59.95 per month

  • 30Mbps Download
  • 5Mbps Upload
  • 400 GB Usage
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$75.95 per month

  • 60Mbps Download
  • 10Mbps Upload
  • 500 GB Usage
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Xtreme +

$79.95 per month

  • 100Mbps Download
  • 10Mbps Upload
  • 500 GB Usage
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One Time Only Fee:
All our Cable packages have a One Time Only Set Up Fee. There are no other hidden or surprise fees. Your monthly bill is going to be the price of the package that you have selected + Tax.
  • $50.00 - Modem Deposit. This deposit is used towards the Modem only. If it breaks or stops working we will replace the broken Modem with a new one – absolutely free of charge. The best thing is, your deposit of $50 will be returned once you cancel your services with us.
  • $50.00 - Set Up fee Unlike other companies, we do not charge our customers a$99 set up fee.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO CONTRACT. Yes that’s correct, No Contract. Cancel Anytime With no hidden charges
  • Caninter now offers upto 500 GB / Month of Data Usage on certain packages. This means, you can watch more videos and listen to a lot of music.
  • If you want More… Go Unlimited…!! Add unlimited internet from only $10 / Month. Price vary for each packages

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Why Choose Caninter.
  • Caninter Inc is in the business of providing High Speed Internet Cable Services (ISP) across Canada. We realize everyone has different needs and that is why we provide different Internet Packages tailored to you. With our unbeatable prices you can save lots of money. Get Connected Now with our High Speed Cable Internet Service
  • No Contract – yes, you can cancel at anytime
  • No Modem Rental Charges. We only charge a $50 deposit that is returned back to you once you cancel our services. You pay nothing extra.
  • For a Low price get Unlimited Internet and never worry about Data Usage
  • Reliable Internet Service Provider with A Right Price…
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Cable Packages Compression Chart
Below is a Cable Compression Chart that will help you identify what package is most suitable for you.
Cable Internet Speed Compare
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