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    250 Mps DownloadNow That’s What We Are Talking…High Speed Data for Upload and download


$34.95 per month

  • 5Mbps Download
  • 1Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Usage
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Cable Lite
Download Upload Data Usage
5 Mpbs 1 Mpbs 400 Gb /Month
** Data Usage Unlimited
Additional Charges
Activation Fee $50.00
*One Time Fee – Charged at the time of set up
Modem Deposit $50.00
*One Time Fee – Charged at the time of set up
Modem Deposit will be returned upon the time of cancellation
In case the Modem stops working we will replace it at No Charge
Please Note: The modem does not have wireless capabilities
This package is ideal for someone who uses Internet for basic browsing. It is not ideal for watching Videos and for playing On-Line Games.
Bandwidth for Basic Internet
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Below is a Cable Compression Chart that will help you identify what package is most suitable for you.

Cable Internet Lite Package
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