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About Caninter

Caninter Inc in Toronto, Canada is in service for 10+ years providing High Speed Cable and Voice Over Home Phone Services all over Canada.

Caninter’s Mission Is To Deliver A Competitive Rates For High Speed Internet And Home Phone Services To Our Customers Across Canada. We Strive To Provide Excellent Customer Services To Our Valued Customers.

Over the past 10+ years of service we have gained exceptionally great response from our customers. Most of our customers are with Caninter for around 10 years. This shows our track records for retaining our customers and accepting new customers everyday.

Caninter focuses and values in providing a excellent customer service and we believe that your time and money is very important and deserve quick response time.

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We also provide services in Polish Language

To Order or Inquire About Our Services Call Us At (416) 628-3722
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We also provide services in Polish Language

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